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Who Are We?

Mando America Corporation is a state-of-the-art R&D center located in Novi, Michigan. We are involved with the design, testing and application of automotive braking, steering and suspension systems.

Product Range

Suspension Systems

Mando designs advanced suspension systems that deliver performance, comfort, and maximize passenger safety and convenience. We serve our customers globally with high quality standards and a wide range of products and technologies that can be customized to each OEM’s vehicle suspension requirements.

  • Damper Spring Module
  • Shock Absorber
  • Suspension Strut
  • Self Levelizer
  • Adaptive Suspension

Steering Systems

Mando has developed many production C-EPS and R-EPS steering systems world-wide for many different vehicle applications. These EPS systems, which are an integration of technology in mechanics, electronics and software, are currently used all over the world by our various customers. Mando is a leader of future technology in customer safety and convenience as well as in the transition to an autonomous vehicle future.

Brake Systems

Mando is a world class supplier of brake system components. Mando’s global R&D and worldwide manufacturing has earned recognition for its best in class quality products.

Mando continues to expand its product and customer portfolio with increasing focus on the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) markets. Mando is also focused on increased technology components such as electrified and brake by component to meet the demand for autonomous driving.

Current product portfolio includes:
Conventional products:

  • Calipers (sliding and fixed)
  • IPB (Integral Park Brake) calipers
  • Drum brakes
  • Master cylinder & booster
Technology/electrified products:

  • IDB (Vacuum less boost)
  • MoC / EPB (Motor on Caliper / Electric Park Brake)
  • EMB (Electro Mechanical Brake)

Mando supplies these products domestically and globally to a variety of vehicle manufacturers including; GM, BMW, Honda, VW, PSA, FIAT, and Hyundai Kia.

Our Mission

Provide the best driving safety and convenience solutions through continuous technology innovation, while enhancing the life value of our customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and employees and fulfilling corporate social responsibility.


"We Provide Challenging Work Initiatives To Develop Next Generation Technology"


Mando America Corporation, Novi, MI R&D Center, consists of a large and diverse workforce numbering over 80 engineers from around the world. The highly experienced workforce has a solid balance of technical competence and certifications with Master, and bachelor degreed personnel bringing over 800 man-years of combined engineering experience in the domestic and global automotive industry. With the depth and breadth of experience, Mando America Corporation is proud to mentor and be actively involved in co-op and engineering internship programs among our local Michigan higher education institutions.

Work Environment – How We Do It

The key to success in a competitive job market is to create an environment where people thrive in their work conditions. Mando America Corporation differentiates themselves from the competition by providing challenging work initiatives to develop next generation technology — with great reward and sense of accomplishment in return. It is an environment that applauds taking calculated risk while offering support and encouragement instead of instilling a fear of failure. Our workforce strives to support each other on our journey toward technical advancements. Our facility allows individuals to develop new technology in a hands on environment.


Mando America Corporation’s team motive and passion is to further develop the emerging high-technology products that will change the 21st century. We aim to provide opportunities for top-notch talent to excel in a company that they are proud to call their own. We couple this with sustainable presence in a community known for innovation and creativity.

Career Opportunities

Our goal is to protect the community by creating both high-tech salary positions and growing a large American labor force to service North American customers. By providing more stable high tech jobs, we create a strong economic presence in our community for generations to come.

Novi Neighborhood

Novi is a city of approximately 56,000 people in Oakland County, Michigan. It is approximately 25 miles northwest of downtown Detroit and 25 miles northeast of Ann Arbor. It continues to have one of the fastest growing economies in the state of Michigan. The Novi business economy includes high tech research and development, health care, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and domestic and foreign automotive-related suppliers. Energy-related companies are one of the fastest growing sectors in the city. Novi is a thriving community for research, technology and service companies.